What content to put on local websites

Local website how to get your web page for local business found in the

search engines.

Last week I talked about the on-page SEO topics like title tag and meta
description, h1 tags and so on and that is how I got my website, SEOexpertbellingham.com to number one for the search SEO expert bellingham just by doing the optimizing fully the on page
items are the SEO that I went over last week.

So this time we’ll talk more about the content so you know what to put on the website.

That’s very important now with google it’s fifty to sixty percent
the consideration Google gives when indexing and serving web results what

search engine

Get your site found in google!

is the on-page factors.

As previously I am recording this screen capture so I’m looking at web
sites and search results as I go along because it’s just a better way to
do this to look at sites and live explain things.

When I worked on my website to optimize it for content, I used the Google
Adwords Keyword planner which was previously known as the
Keyword Tool, it’s in the AdWords account and anyone can get this, it’s
free to sign up for a Google account then you can log into there.

Just google AdWords the keyword planner and you’ll find it, you can just
look in there and put in your market, for my example here I just put “SEO” in your product or service and they will show your average monthly searches and show the price that people are bidding for for AdWords.
So that’s why it’s so good to be ranking in the natural search engines
because you’re not paying per click.

What these companies that are running the ads they have to pay per click
and then actually these first two natural results those are actually getting over fifty percent of the web traffic when someone does the search according to Chitika.

It’s an online advertising company that tracks and studies all these results.

The top two results on Google get half of the search traffic so the first position gets around 33 percent and the second position seventeen-percent which equals fifty percent. Also the top paid ads are getting less than  twenty percent and then the remaining natural results are getting the balance in declining percentages.

So that’s what I do with my spare time, I researched this stuff so you guys don’t have to.

For content to put on the website we will just look at what people are searching for with these words, “local SEO” for example “marketing SEO”,
“website SEO” and so on and others.

And that is how I determine the content in my website it’s written text  around those keywords.

Also its good do make a video and embed it on the webpage and use images and use the alt tags for the images.

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