Ink Cartridge Donation

Where can we donate ink cartridges in Bellingham?

In the Bellingham Towers lobby area, there is a pick up point where ink cartridges will be picked up for recycling to benefit Blue Skies for Children. It’s in the hall with the FedEx and UPS boxes, in the unmarked corner on the floor, leave your spent ink cartridges there.

I was looking for a place to donate my collection of spent ink jet cartridges to a worthy cause and found by way of google the Bellingham Towers as a point to drop them off. After walking around the lobby and not seeing any receptacle, I asked someone walking by and he showed me this area in the photo below. They will be recycled and Blue Skies for Children will benefit by your ink cartridge donation.

ink cartridge drop off point in Bellingham Towers

Leave ink cartridges in the corner shown by this red arrow.

by Tony McGarry


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