How will anyone find my webpage?

Is my website being found online?

Are your customers finding your website when searching for your product or service + city?

If not, some optimization may be in order. Here is a simple guide to the HTML portion to get you started.

On page search engine optimization:


1. Title tag, use words someone searching might use to find your service or products. Each page should have a unique tile tag on it.

2. Each page should have a unique meta description for it. (This is very easy to do if using wordpress)

3. Use H1, H2 tags in page copy. Googlebot uses all this info to decide what pages to serve when a user searches for something.

4. Background and text colors and spacing should make for easy reading. Gamers and teens seem to like white text on black background, most people find it hard to read.

5. Use tags on images: use the best keywords in the caption, alternative text and image desription.

6. Use Meta tags in the <head> section html. description, robots content, noimageindex, noarchive, nofollow etc..

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